Monday, November 10, 2008

School 751: Dr. Federico Leloir - Chubut- Argentina

My name is Franco Machado, I am 14 years old. My school is Dr. Federico Leloir in CHUBUT. I don’t like natural science and technology, my favourite subject is maths. My teacher the English is Patricia Guza, my favourite sport is basket ball and handball, I like music, my favourite music is reggaeton.My telephone number is (02965)15300823.

Hi!! I am Sammy! How are you? I am 14 year old
I am from trelew, Argentina. I live with my father, mom, my two sisters.. and my dog and cat.
I go out with my friends on Friday. I like boardskating, and I can do it very well.I like music: rock and roll, National and international and reggae.My hobby is chatting and telephoning!!My fotolog is azeeloxmii
And my messenger is
Ok bye bye

Hi! I am Caro. I from Argentina I am 13 years old!! I like music I don’t like maths!! And I love swiming and skiing. My friends are ashelen, Daniela and Sharon! And Gonsalo and Guillermo!!! too☺

Hi! My name is Ashe! I’m from Argentina.
I like English, music of course, and the TV,
But I don’t like maths, it is HORRIBLE.
My best friend is Romina. But I have a lot
Friends they are Caro, Sharon, yami, Andy, Cami,
Flavia, Maira, Iona, Gonzalo, Emma, Mauricio,
And Guillermo.

My name is Gonzalo, I’m 12 years old!, I’m Argentinian. My school is 751 Dr. Luis Federico Leloir. My msn is , My teacher is Patricia Guza, My favourite colour is yellow and red, I Like playing footboll, I don’t like handball.
My family are 4 My father, My mum Yanina, My dad Ricardo, and My sister Micaela…

My name is Sharon!, I’m 13 years old!, I’m Argentinian.My school is 751 Dr. Luis Federico Leloir.
My msn is My teacher is Patricia Guza!. My favourite colour is pink and black!. I don’t like volley, I like handball.
My family are 5, My mum Sandra, my dad Walter, my sister yamila and my brother michel!

Hi I’m a student from school 751. I am 13 yeard old. I have a father, my mother and my brother. I am from Trelew.I like english, tecnology, lengua and P.E but don’t like maths, F.E y C. my favorite activity is riding a bike, playing handball and playing tennis , but a don’t like surfing, snowboarding or surfing.

I am 13 years old
I am from Trelew in Chubut
I go to school a N° 751,too
I can play football; handball but I can´t surf or swim

I am Romina Neil. I am from Trelew, Chubut, Argentina. I am fourteen years old. I love dancing and rings. My favourite food is quepy

I am Flavia Galdamez. I am from Trelew, Chubut, Argentina. I am fourteen years old. My hobbie is play volleyball or handball. My favourite food is the hamburgers. My friends are Maira, Romina, Ivana, Yamila. My school is great

My name is Gonzalo, my surname is Ruiz
. I like fotboll and I play football but i don´t like handball. My city is trelew – chubut. I am 13 years old. I go to eschool 751 at 13:00o kloc . I have got four or five friends.

My name is SANTIAGO. my surname is GARCÍA. I’m thirteen years old -I live
in TRELEW in CHUBUT. I like playING football but I don´t like tennis. I go to
School 751 at 13:00 o’clok

School 180, Tbilisi, Georgia

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School 180, Tbilisi, Georgia Hello everyone! We are the students of the 10-th grade and we want to introduce ourselves and share the information of our school to each other.
Our school was opened in 1986 on September 1. That year only six girls and one boy left school. At that time our school was prolonged. Students did their homework there, and then had dinner with a great variety of food, not only sent by government, but also growing by themselves in the orchard near the school.
Our school is located in the suburb named "VARKETILI". But in spite of this it distinguishes from other schools with a big amount of students. A few years ago, our school was on the second place according of it.
Today 120 teachers and one head teacher serve 1500 students. The teachers are kind, just and a bit strict. only the students of elementary school wear uniforms.
Our school contains of two buildings and they are counted for about 2000 students. Boys and girls study together.
The popularity of our school is caused by its teaching equipments: a lot of cabinets, well-equipped library, gym and open stadiums outside.
we study 17 main and some additional subjects, which help us to achieve our success.
our school is successful in Inclusive teaching. We’ve print-media "Leaders of the Future", and students` self-management organization.
Every Monday we hoist our national flag and sing national hymn.
We hope you will be interested in description of our school and have a great wish to share your own ideas to us.


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Thursday, October 16, 2008

AL-murtaza school from Pakistan

My school name is AL-murtaza school.Its situated in karachi(pakistan).Its a shia-muslim school,therefore the name "Murtaza" is selected to base the school on such priciples which our prestigious leader "murtaza (a.s)" had given. we had a very unique uniform bcz we wear scarf on our head 2 represent a pure islamic & religious heritage.
our school has 4 branches (seperate 4 boyz & girlz).
the school is situated @ the best location in town.
the motto of our school is 2 provide the best education as well as best trainig 4 discipline & manners .the logo of our school is to convey the best 2 all needy as well as the students which can afford.
the teachers here are excellent and helpful.if anyone wants 2 know more about my fantastic & eye-catching school ,plz do ask me ! hopr u enjoyed reading this wonderful extract on my wonderful school !!!

Anum Bhojani

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Madre de la Misericordia school.

Our school name is Madre de la Misericordia and it has than name because of the church that give birth. Now, there are about 700 students between boys and girls. The teachers are strict. We have a uniform. It like black shoes, clasic jean, and a white t-shirt. School lessons start at 7 45 am and finish at 12 15 or 1 00 pm. We have lunch at home. We have gymnastic and there, we play some sports. The school have a logo, it is a virgin, and around this, the name of the school. Our favourite things about school are study english and maths.
Our school was founded 65 years ago. The first promotion had 16 students. The school objetives are educated. Our school always help poor people. There are about 70 teachers in the school.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Technical School Nº1, Martin Miguel de Güemes

What is your school name?

The name from school is Technical School Nº1, Martin Miguel de Güemes.

Why does the school have that name?

Because is the name from a national leader

How many students are there in your school? Are there boys and girls?

There are more than 1,000 students: boys and girls

What are teachers like?

Our teachers are very good.

What is the school building like?

It’s very big, old, it has three floors.

Have you got a uniform? What is it like?

No there is not a uniform. The girls wear a pinafore every day and boys wear regular clothes. But we wear pinafores on Wednesdays because we have chemistry laboratory

What time does school start and when does it finish?

There are three shifts: morning , afternuun and evening.

The morning shift starts at 7:20 and finishes at 12:30

The afternuun shift starts at 13:10 and finishes at 17:20

The evening shifft starts at 18:20 and finishes at 22:20

What lessons are compulsory?

Yes, all lessons are compulsory: English, History, Chemistry, Biology, Language, Physical Education, Mathematics, Philosophy, etc.

What do you have for lunch at school?

We never have lunch at school. Some students have a sandwich or a hamburger.

What sports do you play?

We play football, volleyball and handball.

Does the school have a logo? What is it like?

Yes, we have a logo. It has the initial of the school: EET N 1

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Escuela Técnica 1 from Longchamps, Buenos Aires

This school along with Stella, one of the English teachers, has sent us some photos to share. Let's get to know them by looking at their photo album.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

EET 1 Longchamps Buenos Aires Argentina

My name is daiana My last name is miranda ,I am 15 year old my city is Longchamps Buenos Aires .My school is E.E.T.Nº1.Iike history and maths

Hello mi name is estefania my surname is juarez. I am 15 years old. My citi is Buenos Aires my school is E.E.T Nº1 I am like maths

My name is Mauro .My surname is Guzman My city is Bs As in Argentina .Iam six teen years old .Mi school is E.E.T Nº1 Mi fabourit food is sausages. Aidont like sou`p

Hello .Mi name is Daniel Lopez. I am fifteen year old .Y am from in bueno$ aire$.Y have got one brother . His name Lautaro . My mother is Lorena . Mi father Jorge Lopez.I like rugbi .Engli$h timetable i$ monday. Mi teacher i$ $tella.

Hello. My name is Dario. I am sixteen year old . I am from in buenos aires . My school is Martin Miguel De Guemes ( tecnica 1) de longchamp$. I like is gym . y have got two brother .

My name is Lucas, my surname is Morel. I am 15 years old. My city is Glew in province Buenos Aires. My school is E.E.T N°1 Martín Miguel de Guemes. My favourite subject is English and I don´t like Maths.

My name is Matias,my surname is Mallet.I am 16 years old. My city is Longchamps in Buenos Aires. My school is E.E.T N°1 Martin Miguel de Guemes.My favourite subject is Lengua and I don’t like English.

...My name is Enestor. My last name is Frete. Ian is year old,mi school is e.e.t nº1,my faborite llre subject is city is lonchanps...

...My name is Cesar. My last name is Ramela. Ian year old,mi school is e.e.t nº1,my faborite llre subject is city is bursaco...

Hello!!! My name is Matias, my surname is Telipko. I am 15 years old. My city is Glew. My school is E.E.T n1 .I like PHILOSOPHY Hello!!!My name is Agustina,my surname is Carballo.I am 15 years old.My city is longchamps.My school is E.E.T. N°1.I like History.
Hello!!!My name is Gustavo, My surname is Torrez . I am 14 years old.My city is Claypole. My school is E.E.T. N°1. I like ENGLISH
My name is Gustavo,I am 15 years old.My school
Is E.E.T n1.My city is Glew in BS AS.I don’t like maths
My favourite subject is PE.

My name is cesar,I am 14 years old.My school
Is E.E.T n1.My city is Glew in province BS AS .I don’t like
Filosofia,my fauvorite subject is maths,my number is 1568120719

Hello: My name is gonzalo,I am 15 years school is E.E.T N° city
Is Glew in BS.AS.I don’t like Language

Hello,my name is Damian. I am 16 year old.My city is Longchamps provincial Bs.As. My school is number 1. I like gym. My favourite food pizza.My favourite subjest is math.

Hello, my name is Franco.I am 16 year old.My city is Longchamps provincial
Bs.As.My school is e.e.t number 1.I like football.My favourite subjest is t.t.p.

Hello: my name is Juan, my last name is Osaba I am 15 yeards old. My city is Longchamps. My school is E.E.T N°1 Martin Miguel de Güemes. I dont like Language and favorite subject Material Technology. My teacher is Stella Maris.

Hello:my name is Emanuel my last name is Insaurralde.I am 15 yeards old.My city is E.E.T N° 1 Martin Miguel de Güemes.i dont like Language and favorite subject Material Technology.My teacher is Stella Maris.

Hello:my name is Adrian, my last name is Reynosa. I am 15 years old. My city is Glew. My school is E.E.T N° 1 Martin Miguel de Güemes.i dont like Philosophy and favorite subject Material technology.My teacher is Stella Maris name is Julian, my last name is Coronel.i am 15 years old. My city is school is E.E.T N° 1 Martin Miguel de Güemes. I dont like History and favorite subject Materal Technology. My teacher is Stella Maris

My name is Marcelo. My last name is Perez. I am year is 16,my school is E.E.T N°1,my favourite like subject is match. My numbers is 1162187267.Only girls.

My name is Diego. My last name is Bareiro. I am year is 17,my school is E.E.T N°1,my favourite like subject is gym.My numbers is 1131880324.Only prety girls.

My name is Matias Maldonado.Im fiveteen years old.My school is Martin de Guemes (tecnica 1)
Im from Glew. My favourite subjet is english.

My name is Dario Pons.Im sixteen years My school is Matin de Guemes (tecnica 1).Im fron favourite subjet is football.

My name is Fernando Damian Espigare.I’m sixteen yeards old.Y’m from burzaco.My schoool is Martin de Güemes (tecnica N1)I like subget gym and english.I don’t like maths.

My name is NADIA ALOMO. I am 15 years old. I live in Longchamps, Argentina. My school is E.E.T:N°1. I like listening to music. My favourite subject is LANGUAGE. I don’t like MATHS. I have 4 brothers.
BYE BYE.........

My name is MACARENA LEDESMA. I 15 years old. I live in Longchamps. My name
School is E.E.T:N°1. My favorite subject is HISTORY. My hobby is playing volley. I am listen to music

My name is BRAHIAN DAVID SUEIRO. I ‘m 15 years. My city is burzaco , buenos aires. I don’t like ARTS. My favourite subject is MATHS. I am school E. E T N°1 MARTIN MIGUEL GÜEMES. I have 1 sisters and 3 brothers

.My name is FEDERICO PERALTA. I am from Glew , Bs As. I am 15 years. I like listening
to music and playing football . My school E.E.T N° 1 MARTIN MIGUEL GÜEMES. I don´t like TECMA. My favourite subject HISTORY.

My name is Barbara Hualde. I am 15 years old. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My school is the E. E. T. Nº1. I love my boyfriend. My favorite activity is chatting. My favorite group is “EL ORIGINAL”.

My name is Veronica Lucia Arizaga. I live in Longchamps, Bs. As. Argentina. I like swimming. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. My msn is

My name is Yoana Emilce and my surname is Panica.Y am 16 years.My nationality is argentinian and my occupation is student.My favorite subjet is school is tecnica 1 the longchamps... msn:

My name is Jaen Peche. I am 15 years old. I live in Longchamps city. I am a student in tecnical sehove number 1º. I like English, history, phisics and i don`t like Math. My favorite subject is history. My msn is .

My name is Ricardo Amendol. I am from Burzaco. I am 15 years old. I like playing with PC and PCP. My shcool is the tecnical number 1º. My msn is EL_ZAR_666@HOTMAIL.COM

My name is Gabriel, my surname is Perez Mañas. I am fifteen years old. In the morning,I go to shcool E.E.T number 1º. I live in Buenos Aires Argentina. My favorite subject are English and Chemistry. My favorite hobby is play the bass, I am a musican. I like jazz, blues and reagee music. My msn is
My name is cintia ,my surname is guardia. I am is years old 17.I live in buenos Aires, school is the E.E.T Nº 1.The name of my school is MARTIN MIGUEL DE GUEMES.I love my brother.I like music:EL STYLO. I like chocolate
Cintia gurdia

My name is sabrina silva. I am 16 years old. I live in Buenos Aires, school is the E.E.T. Nº1.I love my mates at school.I like the music the reggaeton
Sabrina silva

Hello! I`m Jonathan Semelak. I`m fourteen years old. I from Agerntina. I live in Glew in Buenos Aires with my father, mother and sister. I argue with my family every days. I play the harmonic and read mythology in my free time. I go to school five days a week. Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I get up at six o`clock. I`m a sportman: martial arts are my pasion. I go to my girlfriend`s house at the weekend, she is very special for my.
My life isn`t easy, but I like it.
Jonathan Semelak

My name is Marisol.My surname is Diaz Avalos.I am 15 years olds.My favourite sport is swimming.In my free time I like watching television an I love going out with my family.I live in Guernica,Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Bye! Mar!

Hello!!! My name is Giselle and my surname is Spareche. I am 15 years old. My nationality is argentinian and my occupation is a student. My favourite subjet is a history. I have got history on thursdays. My school is E.E.T Nº 1...
Bye bye!!! Whit love... Giselle

Hello!!! My name is Ayelen and surname is Osores.I am 15 years old.My city is Longchamps.I am from Argentinian.My school is E.E.T Nº 1...
Bye bye!!!.... Aye


Y am Yoana Emilce and surname is panica.Y am is argentinian and my occupation is student.My fovority subjete is school is E.E.T Nº1 the longchamps.



Hi, my name is “Nicolas”,my surname is “Narvaez”. I live in Longchamps of “Buenos Aires”

(“Argentina”). I`m Sixteen. My favourite hobby is: Chat whit Msn. English is my favourite

language but no my favourite subject.

My Msn is . Write me.

Hello!!!I am Cecilia and my last name is Cao. I’m 14 years old. I am a student in E.E.T. Nº1. I like listening music. I live in Longchamps, Altte. Brown. My teacher is Stella Maris Saubidet. I have boyfriend and his name is Juan Pedro.ja, ja!! Bye.


Hi!! My name is Juan Pedro and i am student. My last name is Peralta. I am 15 years old. I like chemistry and mathematics, i don’t like biology and history. I live in Longchamps. I have a girlfriend and her name is Cecilia. Ja,ja!! Bye!!

Juan Pedro


My name is Micaela solis. I am 15 years old. I live in longchamps city. I am estudent in tecnical school number nº 1. I like musica and I don´t like math, lengua, english, and phisica.
My favourite free time activity is sport hamball.
My friends are jaen, mauro and angie.
My family is mother, father, sisters,brother and grandmother.

My name is ELIANA VALLEJOS. I am 15 years old. I live in longchamps, Buenos Aires, Argentina. My telephone number is 1536367478.
I am a student . My school is the E.E.T Nº1. I like singing. My favorite group is “REIK”...