Monday, November 10, 2008

School 751: Dr. Federico Leloir - Chubut- Argentina

My name is Franco Machado, I am 14 years old. My school is Dr. Federico Leloir in CHUBUT. I don’t like natural science and technology, my favourite subject is maths. My teacher the English is Patricia Guza, my favourite sport is basket ball and handball, I like music, my favourite music is reggaeton.My telephone number is (02965)15300823.

Hi!! I am Sammy! How are you? I am 14 year old
I am from trelew, Argentina. I live with my father, mom, my two sisters.. and my dog and cat.
I go out with my friends on Friday. I like boardskating, and I can do it very well.I like music: rock and roll, National and international and reggae.My hobby is chatting and telephoning!!My fotolog is azeeloxmii
And my messenger is
Ok bye bye

Hi! I am Caro. I from Argentina I am 13 years old!! I like music I don’t like maths!! And I love swiming and skiing. My friends are ashelen, Daniela and Sharon! And Gonsalo and Guillermo!!! too☺

Hi! My name is Ashe! I’m from Argentina.
I like English, music of course, and the TV,
But I don’t like maths, it is HORRIBLE.
My best friend is Romina. But I have a lot
Friends they are Caro, Sharon, yami, Andy, Cami,
Flavia, Maira, Iona, Gonzalo, Emma, Mauricio,
And Guillermo.

My name is Gonzalo, I’m 12 years old!, I’m Argentinian. My school is 751 Dr. Luis Federico Leloir. My msn is , My teacher is Patricia Guza, My favourite colour is yellow and red, I Like playing footboll, I don’t like handball.
My family are 4 My father, My mum Yanina, My dad Ricardo, and My sister Micaela…

My name is Sharon!, I’m 13 years old!, I’m Argentinian.My school is 751 Dr. Luis Federico Leloir.
My msn is My teacher is Patricia Guza!. My favourite colour is pink and black!. I don’t like volley, I like handball.
My family are 5, My mum Sandra, my dad Walter, my sister yamila and my brother michel!

Hi I’m a student from school 751. I am 13 yeard old. I have a father, my mother and my brother. I am from Trelew.I like english, tecnology, lengua and P.E but don’t like maths, F.E y C. my favorite activity is riding a bike, playing handball and playing tennis , but a don’t like surfing, snowboarding or surfing.

I am 13 years old
I am from Trelew in Chubut
I go to school a N° 751,too
I can play football; handball but I can´t surf or swim

I am Romina Neil. I am from Trelew, Chubut, Argentina. I am fourteen years old. I love dancing and rings. My favourite food is quepy

I am Flavia Galdamez. I am from Trelew, Chubut, Argentina. I am fourteen years old. My hobbie is play volleyball or handball. My favourite food is the hamburgers. My friends are Maira, Romina, Ivana, Yamila. My school is great

My name is Gonzalo, my surname is Ruiz
. I like fotboll and I play football but i don´t like handball. My city is trelew – chubut. I am 13 years old. I go to eschool 751 at 13:00o kloc . I have got four or five friends.

My name is SANTIAGO. my surname is GARCÍA. I’m thirteen years old -I live
in TRELEW in CHUBUT. I like playING football but I don´t like tennis. I go to
School 751 at 13:00 o’clok


Anonymous said...

I am Anas from Oman. I am in grade 10. I go to Adam School for Basic Education. I will join you in this project.


siham said...

My name is CHAOUCH SIHAM,i'm 16 years old,my teacher is MUSTAPHA YASSIN,my school is undoubled that everyone of us have an image to desribe of the school in which she is studing as for me , the school where i'm actually stading in named BADR school which is now a preparatory and high school is made of many class rooms which are quite large but decorated and clean , there're also classrooms which are quite different there're room of computer studies , science ... .Moreover , my school contains a small library for reading which is next to the administration.In the other side of the school there's a large space dedicated for physical education,it's the place where we practice sport two times per week,it consists of fields of different kinds:basket-ball,hand-ball,volley-ball,long and high jump besides two changing-rooms one for boys and the other for girls and a wall derides the school into two parts.The important part of the school is the administration which direct the whole school.It's made of the office of the headmaster and his assistants,in the entery of the administration there's a small green space that give a good view for the image of the school.Generally the atmospher of studing is in fact good.It's because of the good relationship between teachers and students.Consequently helps students to concentrate on their studing and i'm absolutly happy with that.
my msn

Silvana said...

my name is Aldana.I am 9 and i am in class 4ªA.My school is c.a.i.My teacher is Mrs Andrea and my English teacher is Mrs Silvana.My head teacher is Hilda.

Silvana said...

Our names are Delfina, Martina y Azul
We are 9
Our school is c.a.i
We are in class 4ª
Our teacher is andrea
Our english teacher is Silvana
Our head teacher is Ilda

Silvana said...

my name is lucas,
i´m 9
my school is c.a.i
i´m in class 4
my teacher is mrs Andrea
my english teacher is mrs Silvana
my head teacher is Hilda

my name is mauricio
í´m 9
my schol is c.a.i
i´m in ciass 4
my teacher mrs Andrea
my english teacher mrs Silvana
my head teacher is HILDA

Silvana said...

My name is fede
My name is nico
My name is bruno
My name is lauti
My name is facu
We are 9
Our school is C.A.I

Silvana said...

My name is Lara.I am 9.My school is C.A.I.I am in class 4ªA.
My teacher is Mrs Andrea and my English is Mrs Silvana and my head teacher is Hilda.bye

Silvana said...

our school is c.a.i

Anonymous said...

I am Ana from Colombia. I am in grade 7.

Laura Maffei said...

Hello everybody!

I'm a teacher from Tuscany (Italy), and I found by chance this project. I'd like to know more about it.
I'm the founder of a team of European teachers discussing didactics and comparing different school systems, projects, learning pathways, and so on.

We would really like to contact other teachers from Argentina (or wherever in the world!).

If you would like to start a cooperation, or just exchange ideas, contact us!