Friday, December 07, 2007

Access International Academy, Ningbo


Brand new school building and equipment
Teachers are very kind and nice
Diverse nationality students
School tries to give more opportunities to students
High educated teachers
Nice cooling and heating system in classrooms
No drugs, no smoking, good students
Nice school bus system
Most teacher have lots of experience
Growing school, developing a lot

One teacher teaches more than one subjects
- Small sized school, one class has different level of learning
- There is no gym, small playground, lack of sports equipments
- No regular after school activities or sports teams
- School lunch
- Lockers are too small
- We have a big construction going on beside our school, noisy
- Bad looking school uniform
- Only one big school festival
- No diverse parties or activities
- Since we are an international school, lack of foreign language class
- Need Teacher Assistants (helping students to understand English)