Friday, February 16, 2007

Shuvatara School, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Our school uniform

Now let me share you about my school dress. In our school we have five kinds of different dresses. In monday we wear blue pant, white shirt, a tie and a batch for all the girls and boys which we call "The School Dress Day". In tuesday we wear a sari like thing with a typical Nepali top for girls and a tight pant with a typical Nepali top for boys which is called "The Tunik Day". In wednesday we wear short which is according to the house which are sunbeams-red :angry:, starshine-yellow :neutral:and moondrops-blue:frown: and a house t-shirt. On thursday we wear green track pant and a white t-shirt. On friday we wear the PT dress.

by Shrisha Pradhananga

Woodsfield Elementary school in Woodsfield, Ohio.

My school history

Hi! My name is Devon and I go to school at Woodsfield Elementary school in Woodsfield, Ohio. My school was built in three parts. The first part was built in 1954. The second part was built in 1957. The third part was built in 1961. In Ohio shools are set up in district. The district I am in has is Switzerland of Ohio, it has six elementary schools and 3 high schools. My favorite subject is Social Studies because I like learning about different cultures. I ride the bus home after school and when I get home I do my homework. On some nights I have basketball practice. I play for the sixth grade girls team. Well that is about my school and school life. I would like to hear about yours.-Devon

Recess at my school

Hey this is Jenny B. Recess is when everyone in your class gets to play games and you may get to go outside or you might have to stay inside. Recess is one of the favorite things to do in my school. At recess you can do many things like play on the equipment that is ment to, play kickball, or pass a football, and more.

Inotext: a school of English in Russia

Hello, my dear friends! We'd like tell you about our school! Our school is called "Inotext". It is located in Novosibirsk, Russia. It is a school foreign languages and we go there twice a week to study English. Our group isn’t very big, there are four students in the group: Dima 14 years; Mark 14; Vova 13; Alexander 15.We are interested in corresponding with English speaking students from all over the world.
Now I would like to say a few words bout myself. My name is Alexander, I am 15 years old. In my free time I play football, go fishing, play computer games, meet my friends, go to the cinema, go for a walk. I go to training of athletics (running).I go diving.

From a school in Ukraine: some traditions

The Day of Knowledge

The Day of knowledge is the first day when the students come to school after long summer vacations and new schooling year begins. It also called the First Bell. It symbolizes the beginning of school. In Ukraine we celebrate this holiday on the first of September. The students of school gather in the school yard and have a grand meeting. The principal usually takes the floor. After the grand meeting there is a concert. We congratulate each other and our teachers with the beginning of the school year. We have this holiday every year on the first of September.After this we start school till the Last Bell. Last Bell ceremony is a grand meeting which symbolizes the end of school and beginning of summer vacations. It is celebrated on the 31st of May.

Varvara Salivonchik
8th form

SOS School Lahore Pakistan

Sharing a poem
A bomb explodes shattering glass
Innocent lives gone in a flash
Children cry, they are fodder for guns
Yet no one blink an eyes
How long will humanity fight?
Turnig this world into hell
People not wanting to live anymore
Praying for their own death
Death.......... would that be peace
From this world turned hell?
Yet, still there shines a ray of hope

Farza and Ayesha class 8th

Some Russian Lessons from Peshawar Model School

It's pleasant to greet a person in his/her mother tongue.
If you want to greet someone in Russia, you say Zdravstvuite or Privet. The first one is more formal, the meaning of it is 'Wish you health', the second one means "Hello".
To say "good bye" we use "Do swidania" or "poka".
Is this enough for the first lesson?
You are welcome to ask any questions or any words.
Khuda Hafiz,

Peshawar Model School, India

Our traditions

We celebrate great leader's day,mothers day,fathers day,independence day,labour day,Kashmir day,Some other days too.but today i share my views about Mothers day.
We celebrate this day with very spirit.Students greet there mothers.the students sing song in morning assembly deliver speaches e.t.c.
how u celebrate ur mothers day. hope u,ll share ur views with us.

In our school there are many studios where children can develop their creativity and talents. On the walls of gymnasia you can see their paintings and other creative art. We'll show Ranjha and Masha around the gymnasia next week and post pictures of the school tour on the TB forum.
You can see some photos of an excursion to Berdsk, a neighbouring town, to a folk centre.

Classes in our school
Our students usually have 6 lessons a day each lasting 45 minutes with 10-15 minutes breaks between them. There are one-week holidays in November and March, two-week holidays in December-January, and three month holiday in summer from June, till August 31.


Bye, dost,
Khuda Hafiz,

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tsiskari school: students from Georgia

I am Mary Kvitsinadze. I am 11 years old. I learn at school “Tsiskari”. I love my school. There are wonderful teachers. They are very clever and friendly. They love children and we are happy because they are teaching us. We study here: Italy, English and Russian languages. We have pen-friends in Great Britain. Sometimes in our school come famous people. Every winter we go to the camp in Bakuriani and we go skiing, make friends and have fun there.
In our school we have opportunities to reveal our talents in after school activities. We draw, sing, dance do sports and so on. School “Tsiskari” helps us to grow as clever, famous people and find our place in Georgian societies.

Hi. I'm Maruiam Shaishmelashvili, 11. I'm the student of the 6th form of the Vakhtang Esvanjia School "Tsiskari", Tbilisi, Georgia.
My school is only 10 years old, but it has a very special history. It is the story of great kindness, human support, friendship, war, children's tears and survived hopes.
The story started in the period of the World War II. Georgia was one of the Republics of the Soviet Union then and Abkhazia is the most beautiful part of Georgia. In Italy, Sicilia, Georgian partisans were fighting together with Italians. Some of them survived and returned to their families. A few of them were from Abkhazia. They kept best relationships with their Italian friends and supported to establishing cultural links between Abkhazia and Sicilia. In the 11th public school of Sukhumi (the central city of Abkhazia) there was founded the museum dedicated to the heroic history of Georgian partisans and friendship between Abkhazia and Sicilia. Vakhtang Esvanjia for that time was member of the local government and great supporter of these relationships.
In 1971, eruption on Etna caused earth quick and many cities and villages were in ruins. Georgian friends invited kids from Sicilia to spend a few months in Abkhazia, far away from the stressful problems, till their parents restore houses and clean out ruins. Invitation was received with gratitude and Sicilian children spent a few happy months in Abkhazia, surrounded with care and love. This visit strengthened friendship between the two people.
In 1991 the civic war started in Abkhazia. I don't know exactly the reasons that caused the war. I can't understand why people kill each other. I just know that in autumn of 1992 all Georgian population had to leave urgently Abkhazia but the enemy cut off their path of retreat. So, women, children and old people had to escape through the mountains of the Caucasus Range. They walked in terrible cold and snow, with no food and water. Terrible moments of those days followed children in their nightmares for a long time. Their lives completely changed. Now they were refugees, with no flat, food and hope for better future. The country had lots of political and economical problems and was not able to support its IDPs (Internally Displaced Person).
Now it was Sicilian's tern to help friends. Leo-Luka Orlando, the Mayor of Palermo got in touch to Vakhtang Esvanjia. They together, with great support of Italian Embassy started the long-term project, which saved the whole generation of the refugee children from despair and hopelessness. The initiative of Sicilia was spread in all over the Italy. Many families desired to host Georgian kids. They surrounded children with kindness, love. They became the second families for refugee children, who used to spend their summer holidays with them. Even now, when the project is completed and those kids are already the grown ups, they have best relationships.
I've seen the video material on this project. I saw, how Italian families met the children who didn't smile and had sorrow in their eyes. And, later they saw off the happy, laughing children.
The school "Tsiskari", or Italian school, as it is known in Tbilisi was founded by Vakhtang Esvanjia for participants of the project to help them to improve their Italian Language and contact each other.
Most of children-participants of the project have already graduated from the school and now are doing their bachelor or masters degrees at the universities. I know some of them:
Eka Kvirtia, graduated from "Tsiskari" in 2000. Now she works in one of the projects of Washington AMCOR as a Financial Manager and doing her Masters degree in GIPA.
Diana Kvaratskhelia, graduated from "Tsiskari" in 2005 is the successful student of the Tbilisi University, faculty of law.
Zura Kacharava, graduated in 2000. Lawyer, now is doing his masters degree.
Sofia Tutisani, graduated in 1999. Model, works in Italy.
Gocha Museridze, a successful architecture, had his practice in Italy by great support of his Italian family.
The school "Tsiskari" still keeps best relationships with Italy. It is the cultural bridge between the two countries. Students are actively involved in the learning-exchange programs.
I am proud to be a small part of this story. I hope to be able to contribute to already traditional chain of human kindness and support.

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Hello! We want to participate in this interesting project, which gives us the chance to make friends in the other countries. This letter is written from Georgia (Tbilisi) by the pupils of an Italian school “Tsiskari”. We’d like to have a good relationship with you.
Now about us:
The history has begun so: in 1992 in Georgia there was a huge group of Georgian people, who were persecuted from Abxazia after the war. They were stressed. Vakhtang Esvanjia has helped these poor people and sent young refuges in the Italy. According this project was born a great idea to establish an Italian school with exchange-programmes, to study the language well.
Now our school produces exchange-programes in Italy. According this project pupils and teachers were sent to Sicily where they attended practical studies in elementary and secondary school during a month. During this program children go sightseeing and live in the Italian families. Our project includes invitiry Italian children in our country. We carried exchange programmes since 1999.during the last years the school “Tsiskari” has been systematically arranging different kinds of camping’s at various resorts.
Summer camping – Borjomi, in Luky of 2005 summer camping in Bakuriani. Winter – Christmas camping in Bakuriani.
At school we study different subjects: Georgian, Italian, English, Russian, Maths and different scientists.
In our school there is the national dance club, which participates in different festivals of other countries, also there are: the group of painting, the group of national songs, the chess club, the swimming club, the karate “Do” club and others. There is also a drama club. The head-master of this group was Gogi Gabilaya. He had organized “Pinocchio” in Italian language. They were invited to the festival to Italy and the Italian people were in a state of shock, because this play had an incredible success.
We are the members of the UNESCO and the ISAschools.
If your association can connect us with different countries of Europe, we will be very glad for these relations.
Thank you!
George Beridze, George Tsindeliani, Pavle Kurtanidze and Nino Koshadze

More students from America but speaking Spanish

Sara Kirsch is the teacher in charge of these students

Hola me llamo Scott, me gusta practicar deportes. No me gusta la guitarra. Mi cumpleaños es el Abril. Me gusta nadar, no me gusta ir a la escuela. Y tengo 16 anos. ¿Que clase tienes en la segunda hora? ¿Te gusta ver la televisión? Adiós.

¿Qué onda? Mi nombre es Jack Black. ¿Como te llamas? ¿De donde eres? Yo soy de Nueva Jersey en los Estados Unidos. ¿Cuántos años tienes? Soy tango catorce años. Me gusto escribir y escuchar música. ¿Te Gusta? Escribe pronto.

¿Qué onda? Mi nombre es Franqueé. como te llamas? Yo tango 15 anos. En que nivel estas, de donde eres tu? Me gusta practicar deportes como lacros es América fútbol. No me gusta estudiar es leer. Que te gusta hacer. Yo soy paciente en trabajador. Vivo en Nueva Jersey.

¡Buenos días¡ Escribe Kyle. ¿Cuál es tu nombre? Yo tengo quince años. Estoy en primero de bachillerato. ¿De dónde eres? Yo soy de Nueva Jersey. La escuela empieza a las 7:35. La escuela termina a las 14:25. Yo tengo primera-quinta hora clase de madera, matemáticas, ciencias sociales, español, inglés. Sexta-Novena Almuerzo, Educación física, salón de estudios, y ciencias. ¿Qué clases tienes? ¡Adiós amigo / amiga!

Hola. Mi nombre es Joe. Estoy en tercero de secundaria nueve (novena). Mis clases son español, las ciencias sociales, la educación física, el inglés, las matemáticas. Me gusta jugar videojuegos, y practicar deportes. Vivo en Nueva Jersey. ¿Cuánta tarea tienes? ¿Hay muchas personas en tu escuela? ¿Tienes una clase de inglés dónde aprendes hablar el idioma? Adios.

¿Qué onda? Mi nombre es Mike. ¿Cómo te llamas? Yo tengo 14 anos. ¿Cuantos años tienes? Estoy en tercera de secundaria. ¿En que nivel estas? ¿De donde eres? Yo soy de Nueva Jersey Estados Unidos. La escuela termina empieza 7:35. La escuela termina a los 14:25. Yo soy impaciente, me gusta practicar deportes.