Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New contributions from the Thailand school

Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006 at Chiang-Mai

Tai Piyaphen

I went to the Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006 at Chiang-Mai with my school. It’s very big project of Thailand because it was made for The King of Thailand’s 60 year reign. It has many strange and beautiful flowers and trees. Some flowers and trees at that come from another country. My favorite zone is cactus’s zone. It has many types of cactus. It’s the most interesting zone.

Scuba Diving in Phuket


On my holiday I went to Racha Island with my family. I went there by speedboat. This Island is in the south of Phuket. I went snorkeling and scuba diving with my father. Racha Island is very beautiful with a nice beach with beautiful white sand. The water here is clear and prefect for snorkeling.

The Horticultural Exhibition.

By Arum.

I went to Chiang-Mai for my school trip, I went there because of the horticultural exhibition that opened on November 1, 2006. It opened because we want to celebrate the king’s reign of 60 years, but I went there on November 3, 2006. When I arrived there it was very wide, big and lots of people like ants. There are many kinds of flowers and trees that I have never seen before. I like roses, tulips and cactuses the most because they were beautiful and the cactuses were cute. It made me understand the many different kinds of flowers and trees. It was hot and very tiring because I walked all day, but it was fun. If you want to know something about the horticultural exhibition you can ask and I’ll answer you.

My holiday to Chiang Mai.

By Tae.

In the last week of this summer I went to Chiang Mai. I like the Hall Of Opium very much; it has many interesting points of history and information and the history of opium in Thailand: Number of people who smoke opium, types of pipes and the dangers of smoking opium. It was very educational and made me understand why you shouldn’t do drugs.

My golf competition

Phusin Temas

This summer, there was a golf competition. It was a big competition in Thailand. It was in Rachaburi at the Dragon Hill Golf Course. The competition’s name was the Majestic Creek Amateur Master. If I won this competition I could have a scholarship. I competed for four days. I was so tired as I walked all day and carried a golf bag but it was a very good experience. I learned how to control my mind and emotions while I’m playing golf.

My good trip to the Royal Flora Festival 2006

By Bung.

I felt so excited when my holiday begun. I was on the bus number 4 and we were traveling to the north of Thailand for the Royal Flora Festival 2006.
When I arrived at the Royal Flora Festival 2006 the first thing that the guide told us was “please be careful. There are lots of people here, you can get lost with your friend.” I know that is true. First me and my friend walked to the tent of glorify the King. This tent is very interesting because they have a cinema showing the activities of His Majesty the King.
It was very exciting when I was in the tent of cold plants, desert plant it has got many plants that I don’t know. I think the Royal Flora Festival is very interesting. If you don’t believe me, come to Chiang-Mai, Thailand, you’ll have a good experience here.

Vegetarian Festival

By Beer

Here in Phuket, we have many festivals. On October, we have Vegetarian Festival it happens from 22 October to 30 October. Many people in Phuket believe that some Chinese angels came down to the earth to see what was going on in the world. People who want to give respect to the angels have to be a vegetarian during the festival, and have to pray for the vegetarian-promise. They can get some vegetarian foods from the Chinese temple at meal times. We believe that if the guys who can be a vegetarian for 9 days, then they will have good luck. Many people will pierce their skin with objects during the festival, this can be strange

General Information on The Royal Flora Show

By Bozz

Chaing Mai has been selected for The Royal Flora Ratchapruek 2006. The exposition started on the 1st November 2006. Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006 represents Thai people creating one of the world’s most beautiful international plants exposition in order to express the love and respect for their Beloved King. Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006 is organized to present the world plants of over 2,200 species plants and flowers. 2,500,000 plants in total have been planted on the land and ready for the visitor to be proud of them.


By Liab.

On my holiday. I went to Chaing-Mai with my school. First day I went to Ayutdhaya, and checked in at Ayutdhaya hotel. Second I went to Payao. Then I went Srinakaritdra the pricess mother school Payao. I slept in this school. and looked around the school. The third day I went to Chaing-Rai and I bought something in the market near Burma. I checked in at Buakam resort. On the fourth day I went to Chaing-Mai.I went to The Royal Flora Ratchapruek 2006, this was a very beautiful garden and flower show.

This summer I went to Chiang-Mai with my school and my friends. In Chiang-Mai there are many things, it’s more fantastic than Phuket because Chiang-Mai is bigger than Phuket. Doi-Tung is a mountain in Chiang-Mai, it’s many kind of flowers and in each kind of flower very beautiful. Now in Chiang-Mai has Royal Flora Festival, 2006. I hope that you will come to this festival.

School trip to Chiang Mai

By Ploem

I went to Chang-Mai with my school trip, Chang-Mai is in the north of Thailand .Today Chang-Mai is very beautiful, because It has been selected to have the Royal Flora Show.The first day we went to Ayuthdaya and the ancient temples. The second day we went to Payao to the Chalermprakait School The Princess Mother Schoo, it has the same name as our school. The third day we went to Chang-Rai, in the north west of Thailand. On the forth we went to the The Royal Flora Ratchapruek 2006, we spent time looking round the gardens. Finally on the last day we came back to school with a happy but tired face.

Chiang Mai
By Pooh
HI, my name is POOH and I’m going to tell you about my holiday. My friends and I took a trip to the north of Thailand, especially to see ‘The Royal Flora 2006 festival’ in Chiang-Mai. In addition, there were approximately 150 students and teachers on the trip. We traveled by buses and we visited many places during the trip such as the Hall Of Opium, Ayuthaya (the old capital of Thailand), The Golden Triangle which is the area between 3 countries composing of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Finally we went to the Rong Khun temple which is the one of the great-grand temples in Asia

Monday, November 06, 2006

Tania Operchuk from Dniprovska school

Hello! My name is Tania.I am twelve. I am a pupil of the 6th form. I go to the secondary school in Dniprovske. It is situated in the center of the village.
We study Maths, Nature studies, English,Geography, History,Native language- Ukrainian, Ukrainian literature,World literature P.T., Computer Studies,Art and Music. We don’t choose the subjects.They are compulsory for everyone in the class.
Pupils get a lot of homework every day.
We can have lunch in the school canteen. It’s cheap.
Extra school activities usually start after classes. The school has an excellent Dancing club.
Some students go to the Science club. We also have a football field outside.
I like my school. It’s very interesting to study there.
What about your schools?
What are you favourite lessons?