Tuesday, July 31, 2007

E.E.M. Nº 3: A school from Berisso, Buenos Aires

My name is Gabriel .I´ m 17 years old.
I live in La Plata, Argentina. I like reading
in the free time I read Manga and Anime.
I like listening to music. Agustina keyra
is my girlfriend hahaha. :P
bye bye_. E-mail rolo_mr_lp@hotmail.com

Hello, my name is Johana Fernandez. I’m sixteen years old. And you? I listen to international music. I live in Buenos Aires (Argentina). I don’t have brothers and sisters. This is horrible ¡¡¡ … Have you any brothers?. I don’t like football. My hobby is drawing, I like it. My favourite subject is English. My favorite food is pizza…See you…

Hello my name is Victoria. I’m seventeen years old. I live in Buenos Aires (Argentina. I’ don’t like football. My hobby is sleeping .I like listening to music.
I don´t have any brothers or sisters . It is wonderful to be an only daughter . My favourite food is pizza.
See you…!!

Hello, my name's Marcelo and I'm from Berisso, Buenos Aires,
Argentina. I'm
>eighteen and I'm at school, E.E.M. nº3.
>I've got a sister. I like listening to music and surfing the internet.
>favourite pop stars are Christina Aguilera and Madonna.
>I don't have a favourite subject. I like playing basketball and goes
>with friends.
>I don't watch TV because i think that is boring, in my free time i
>books or watch a musical DVD.

My name's aldana. I'm 16 year old. I'm from Berisso in argentina. I go
>E.E.M.Nº 3 . My favourite subject is law but I like maths. I have got
>sister, her name is ailen . My mother's claudia .My father's carlos.
In my
>free time I play with my little cousin , her name is valentina.
>my birthay's on 8 th february an I like having parties..