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School personnel at Mandania Achool, Indonesia

Personnel at our school

At Madania we have some security guards. There are about 12 security guards. We met and interviewed MR. Iskandar, one of the security guards. He said he prepares: a complete uniform, handcuffs, a police stick, and a whistle. The security guard wears black and white colored shirts and blue and black pants. They also help arranging the parking system dropping and picking the children. MR. Iskandar said that he and his group guard from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. So they guard until the night time. They don’t use any guns because they are not allowed to use them. Why do we need guards? So we can get protections and safety environment.
By: Damar and Adi

It’s for children whose development has been delayed for many reasons to have intense individual instruction (means 1 teacher to 1 student).
The kinds of the teachers are university graduates who are specialized in child development and education. There are thirty one aide teachers that support the special needs student. So, the main teachers only help the special needs student in LSD, but the aide teachers always support the special needs student everywhere. LSD handles 53 special students. They are from year 1 to year 9. LSD handles special needs student. What kind of special student they are? They are: Dyslexic, ADA-attention deficit disorder, ADHD-attention deficit hyperactive disorder, Asbergs, autistic, and language delayed or developmentally delayed. That’s all about LSD!
By: Ica, Janno and Ilonka

Hi friend! We want to tell you about our headmaster in MADANIA School, Indonesia. Every school has a headmaster to lead the day to day operation. I am sure your school does too.
Our headmaster observes teacher the way they teach, discuss with teacher, meeting, making plan, and train teacher.
What does the headmaster do by training teachers? They teach teachers some new knowledge and skills of teaching. In our school there are 4 (four) headmasters. They are Ms Warih for headmaster of grade 1-3, Mister Ricky for headmaster grade 4-6, Mister Teguh for headmaster of Junior high school, and Ms Andry for headmaster of Senior high school. That is our information about headmaster of. How’s your headmaster?
By: Chacha & Anin

School report from Mandania School, Indonesia

This is Mandania School

A Brief Look of
Madania School, Indonesia

Completed by
Grade 3 students of Mr. Jalu’s class
Our school blog:

Our school facilities


In our canteen school, there are eight workers. And there are 13 tables and 26 chairs. All the food in our school canteen is healthy.
The students mostly have to eat healthy food. Everyday the student’s buy porridge, pizza, rice, and chicken strips. They drink juice. There are five kinds of juice: orange, melon, strawberry, and guava. We eat snack at 9.20 am, and we eat lunch at 11.30 am.
This canteen is only for grade 1 – 3. When we eat we can‘t speak too much and can’t throw the food, and we must finish the food.

By: Jasmine and Jeanly

Hi friends We want to tell about our stock room. In this school there is a stock room because the stock room is a place to order things for teachers to support their teachings. Inside the stock room there are pictures, stationary, paints, a lot of kinds of papers, books, models, etc. The benefit of stock room is that it can help teachers and students learn better with good tools and equipment.
By Bayu n Farid

We need nurse station for first aid if the student is accident.
Nurse station is a room for giving to help student in accident.
Many kinds of medicine in there, like panadol for headaches, syrup, betadine for skin scratches, oil, and many more. If we are sick we have to take a rest and drink some medicine. We must be quiet in the nurse station because nurse station is a place for rest.
The worse thing that has been happen to the child is a broken arm. The disease that can easily recover is influenza.
By Naufal and Luthfan

Now friend we want to tell about sport. There are 15 sports teachers and there are so many sport fields in our school. I know some of sport fields. There are soccer, basket, badminton, swimming baseball. And our sport teacher is Mr. Rahmat. We need sport fields because they are for playing sport.
By Dimas and Rayhan

Friends, now we want to tell about classes in Madania School. In Classes there are 24 students. They are from Indonesia but in our class there is one student from Australia. Usually one class has 24 books in class as a mini library. There are two teachers in each class. One teaches in English for math, social, and science and the other teaches in Indonesian language for Indonesian language and Moral Values. The school has a special room for computers. The rule is no food, no drink, and no games, and use in-door voice. The class is 8m x 8m. There are about 46 resource books. There are display boards because people can see our work in special places.
By Alif and Radit

Hi! We want to tell you about our school library. In the library we have 10000 books. In the library we have 20 shelves and 2 teachers. The children can borrow one fiction, or non fiction book, and easy reading. We can read and borrow resources and a lot of news we can get. Every school needs a library because library is a center of information. In our library children like to borrow fiction or non fiction. The library has 12 rules. At our school we have 3 libraries. Sometimes the library at the school is used for extracurricular, like reading. We have 5 computers in the library, 4 display boards. It has internet-linked computers, magazines, and TV.
By Bagus and Kemal

MPH means Multi Purpose Hall. MPH is for sport and performances.
There are 3 (three) sport teachers for grade 1 (one)-3 (three). There are so many kinds of sports we do at MPH. Example: Soccer, basketball, handball, and many more. Besides that, we can do performance, assembly, seminar, flag ceremony, bazaar, and many more. Assembly is something that we perform in front of our friends and teachers. Example: Dancing, singing, drama, and others.
We also have “OPEN HOUSE” every year at MPH.

We also have the place that called “KOPERASI” at our school. “KOPERASI” is a small market at our school. Our school’s KOPERASI sells food, snacks, and drinks. We have an idea to have KOPERASI because there are many teachers and students who want to buy some snacks besides they usually buy at the canteen. The snacks and foods become the favorite, the most is yoghurt.
By: Myra and Nadine

In AV room students watch movies like scientific film, comedies, cartoon and many more. In Madania we have 4 AV rooms.
Besides that, the function of the AV room is to help the child and some times AV room is use for meeting of teachers.
In the building A the AV room only is used by the grade one and two.
We have 25 computers in the computer room. In here the teacher teaches in the computer room because students must learn how to operate computers for daily activities like typing, drawing, and many more.
By Yoshi and Jedaia

Friday, May 19, 2006

Another school in Delaware

In Delaware: Caesar Rodney High School

In Delaware: Caesar Rodney High School

Aonther school from Delaware is being introduced to us by its own students:

Our school is a large high school with approximately 3000 people in it. It is a 2 story high school, with mulitple sports fields. We have 6 to 7 classes a day, with 57 minute "periods". Our school is relatively new, and has a large library and cafeteria. We each have our own lockers, and there are 4 large parking lots for students and faculty to park in. Thats the description of my school.
By Julez

Our school is probably very different from any schools out of the country. We have six classes a day, five days a week. We are able to choose what classes we want to take and if we will fill our sechdle up completely.
By Amanda

Hello All!! This is Sheraine
I go to Caesar Rodney High School in Camden, Delaware. This school is medium~sized, not too big, but not too small. It has a library [a big library with many books and computers], it has a gym [which is what we use for physical education], we have many classrooms [which is what we use for learning], we have a cafeteria [which is where we eat breakfast and lunch], there`s an auditorium [which has a stage and seats] and that`s pretty much it.

Hello, my name is Josh and i am a freshman(9th) at Caesar Rodney Highschool in Dover, Delaware. The school i attend is a big school. It is 2 story with many people in it. We have school from 8:02 to 3:00 with about 6 or 7 classes. We play many sports including lacrosse, baseball, softball, soccer, football, basketball, field hockey.

Josh -=_l_=-

The name of my school is called Caeser Rodney High School. My first year here was not the best because they were remodeling the school. Most of my classes were in old rooms with no AC. But now its my final year here and I think this is the nicest school I have even been to. And trust me my father is military so I have been to a lot of schools. It almost looks like it just got built. We have really nice computers the classrooms have AC so its easier to sit and listen to the teacher on a hot day even if it is the day before spring break. And i forgot to mention the Cafateria. It seriously looks like McDonalds but cleaner. The down side is that the school they spent 32 million dollars to remodel only holds a maximum of 2000 students and we have around 1936 students so we are pushing it. And at the beginning of the year we had way too many student in my Survey class. Students were sitting on the floor but we got that all straightened out.And finally to leave on a good note the teachers are good, well most of them are a few of them are questionable.

By Matth

I'm Shannon from Caesar Rodney Highschool. I'm currently a junior and i will be a senior next year. It seems like time flies by so fast and its unbelievable that i will be graduating next year. School is sometimes dreadful to come to if im not prepared but its mostly decent. We have 6 classes through out the day. 4 of them are your basics, english, math, history, and science. Plus we have foreign language classes and electives which are special classes of subjects we are usually interested in. During the fall when school begins the only really fun activity is the friday night football games. Besides sports there are tons of after school clubs that people join. Our school day starts around 8am and ends at 3pm. In between we have a 30min lunch break in which we spend usually just being with friends and talking. The one thing i've realized about our highschool is that we are all very different but in a way we form a famiy that most of the time work together.Most of the school has alot of school spirit and pride in our school.

<3 shannnon

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Everett Meredith Middle School, Delaware

My School Your School Delaware

These are some pictures of our school, Everett Meredith Middle School, in the State of Delwaware. At our school, both boys and girls go together in classes. Also, at our school, we have many freedoms like no uniforms and things like choosing the classes we want to be in. We have plenty of computers for any class we have and a library. We don't know much about what schools are like outside of the U.S., but we wanted to show you what schools are like where we live. Please enjoy.

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