Friday, November 16, 2007

Fatimiyah Girls School


Our school name is Fatimiyah Girls School. We study in grade V-C. Our school is very big. Our school has many branches. Our uniform is white in colour. We wear head scarf in school. In winter we wear maroon sweater.
During morning assembly we do exercise and we also do presentations. We do different activities in class. We also do creative work. Our teachers teach us very well. Our friends are very helpful.

Group A: Faiza, Neha, Syeda, Nida, Fizza and Sania.

Our school’s name is Fatimiyah Girls School. Our school is very big and nice. There are six branches of our school. Our school teachers are very nice and they teach very well. Our school rules are good. Our school uniform is white in colour. Our school’s furniture is very nice.

Group B: Sumana, Urooj, Gohar, Rida, Mahira, and Baneen
Our school name is Fatimiyah Girls School. Our school is very big. There are many classes in our school. Our teachers make group of students and teach.
There are many beautiful plants and flowers in our school. Our teachers are very friendly and students are also friendly. We love our school very much.

Group C: Farwa, Urooj, Masooma, Ada-e-Zehra, Sualaha, and Sabeen Hello friends! We don’t know about you and your school but we want to tell you something about our school. We like our school very much. We like our school uniform and school shoes. We also like clean and tidy classes. Our t teachers teach us social skills like speak softly and take your turn.
There is no canteen in our school but we want the canteen. Do you have a canteen in your school?
We love our school and hope your school is also very good.

Group D: Tatheer, Shazmeen, Zarmeen, Umm-e-Farwah, and Bushra

We have big classrooms and we also have different activities. We practice social skills. Every morning we have assembly presentations. We have school on Saturday.
We have new uniform and new shoes in this year 2007. We have new classmates and we have more sections in our school now.
We don’t have swimming pool and school canteen.
We went on two field trips. We have many branches like boys, girls and early childhood and college campus.

Group E: Quratul Ain, Kiran, Mehdiya, Sehrish, and Sehar Fatima