Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A popular sport at the school in India

These are the photos of two students
1. upendra patwardhan: std ix
2. sanket dhotre: std viii

They are performing a drill in a game called

This is the most exclusive game performed in our
country. Our school ranks second all over the country
for this game.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Germany is also with us!!!

A bit about the German group...
First I want to tell you something about our project group. We are up
to 15
children and me, specialist for website konstruction (and not really a
teacher of the school), who after the official schooltime wants to do
something special. Since last monday 6th of march 2006 we will meet
monday after school to explore, how school-live is in other countries
of the

By Norbert Valtin

A school from India has joined us...

P.E.S Modern >High School
English Medium

Respected principal Mrs.Madhuri Shah

The Principal carry out actions to maintain academic excellence. To encourage students, different competitive exam and extra curricular activities are conducted.

v To satisfy the main objective of education and to develop smooth going relations between teacher and students.
v To enhance new technologies to make school enjoyable.

After being interviewed, our students could explore the real expectation of the principal.

v To enhance image of the school in right perspective.
v To maintain the tradition of glorious results.
v To make students to be very disciplined as well as mannered and co-operative.

Report by: VI[A]

Rohan Parge, Shweta Patil, Shreyas Rathod, Kapil Wardhe
Nakul Kshirsagar

Questions from India for participating schools

Questions to be answered:

1. Is there any unique sport played in your school.
2. do you have separate periods for sports.What do you
call it, a games period or a P.T. period.

School activities:
3. Do you have clubs running for the students
development.[like in our school we have interact club,
nature club,science club and many more]
4. Any activity taken by students to contribute for
5. What are the different disicpline rules in your

Albanian organization at school

Pupils’ Government

The Genesis of Pupils’ Government

Story begin in United States of America in the state of Florida
Where the pupils wanted their representatives in a structure of school named Senate.
Also our school has this structure named Senate since 10 years, which is the voice of pupils and the opposite of the Directory.
The Senate of “Havzi Nela “school has 41 members where 39 are the senators of every class. The “constitution” of Senate is PG Manual.
October, was the time when each class elects his representative in Senate of school with
The majority votes of class.
On 24 November the Senate of School was constituted and the senators voted to choose
The President of PG and the Leader of Senate.

About organization of Senate.

The Senate has a coordinator, which is Gentjana Elezi.
Number one of PG(over 1600 members because every pupil is a PG member)
Is the President Indrit Cara (3a). His replaced one is Klodiana Duraku(4a).
Number two of PG is Arbesa Palushi the leader of Senate(3c). Her replaced one is
Elton Sinamati(4).
The Senate has a secretary which is Artenida Morina(3b).

There are three commissions of Senate.

1.The Commission of Finance
Which it leads by Sajmir Bajraktari(3d).This commission takes the budgets of Senate and
Manage it.(+2 members)

2. .The Commission of Activities which it leads by Elektra Gjana(3c).
This commission do the strategy of Senate Activities and realize them with
The aid of Senate(+2members).

3. The Commission of Control which it leads by Ervin Gera(2c)and also by Ilina Sallahu(2b). His jobis controlling the leaders ‘work and discipline in Senate etc.(+3 members).

Also the President has two consulters Ermal Nufi(4e) and Andrin Shahini(2e)
Three members of Senate are part of Discipline School Commission which it leads by the
Director of School mr.Fasli Germizi.
There are: the President
Ermal Nufi
And Agime Shuti.

Albanian students' presentations

Albanian students
My name is Elektra Gjana, 17-years old.
I am in “Havzi Nela”high school,in the 3-id year.
I like very much to talk with the others,especially
whith teenagers.My favorite subject is the math. My hobby is the old music,(Gun’s N’Roses).I want to explore the others cultures of the world.

My name is Borana Shala,17-years old. I study in’’Havzi Nela’’ high school.
I am a very good pupil.My favorite subject is the Physic. In the future I want to be a doctor because I like very much to add the others.My hobby is talking with the others bettwen the internet. Speaking with the teenagers of the other country it’s a pleasure for me.

Friday, March 24, 2006

An Invitation

Dear teachers,

I would like to invite you to take part with any of your groups of students to share the history of your schools among other topics of interest regarding school life in your place.

There is no age limit for your students to join us. To start participating,write to me to silvanacar01@yahoo.com.ar and I will kindly give you more information about our project.

Our project participants so far

Enjoy our photos

2006 Project Participants

Schools from countries such as Brazil, Albania, Germany, Pakistan and India have already agreed to be part of our project.

Our Project

My School, Your School

This is an international project that takes place in IEARN (International Educational Resource Network. Its main goal is to make students aware of the similarities and differences among schools in different parts of the globe.