Friday, April 07, 2006

A school from Oman

Afra school in Oman: the students

My name's Butheinah Rashid. Am 12 years old and I am in grade 6. I go to Afra School. I like eating rice, fish, cheese and drinking milk. I don't like eating eggs, honey or drinking tea or coffee.

My name's Balqess AlDhehli. My class is 6/2. I'm 12 years old. My school's name is Afra. I like English, math and sports subjects. I don't like music or arts.

My name's Khadeeja Ali Saif Al Ma'mari. I'm in 6/2. my school is called Afra bint Obeid Al Ansaria. I like English, sports and music. I don't like art or science.

My name's Rahma Hatim. My class is 6/2. I am 12 years old. My school's name is Afra bint Obeid Al Ansaria. I like reading books and comics. I like playing computer games. I don't like listening to music.

I'm Lubna Ali Al Ma'marri. I go to class 6/2. I'm 12 years old. I like listening to music. I don't like sewing.

I'm Ameena. I was born in 1994 in Saham in Oman. I get up at 5 o'clock and I go to school at 7 o'clock in the morning. I finish school at 2 o'clock . I do my homework and I play with my friends. I like eating ice cream. I don't like playing football or drinking milk.

My name's Siham Yusif. I'm 12 years old. I like pizza and icecream. I don't like vegetables. I have four sisters; Aysha, Athar, Balqees and Raheel. I have two brothers; Mubark and Mohammed. My mother's name is Shama. She is a housewife. My father's name is Yusif. He works in the airport.

My name's Iman Saeed Al Shimoosi. I live in Saham. I have three brothers and six sisters. My favourite sport is playing tennis but I don't like playing football. I want to be a nurse in the future. That is because I like helping other people. I think being a nurse is an important job because it can draw smiles on people's faces. It provides a good salary so I can buy all things I wish for. I like English and Arabic subjects. I also like computer science subject. My favourite teachers are the Arabic teacher and the English teacher. I like fruit but I don't like jam.

Welcome USA: A new country in our project

All Saints’ Academy
Winter Haven, Florida, USA

These are our students:

Zarina : My School, Your School is a wonderful
project for me because I just this year
came to Florida from Ghana. I found a
beautiful campus with friendly people who
celebrate diversity. I am in fifth grade,
and my forty-five classmates are divided
among three homerooms. I love the small
classes - - - fifteen per room.

Samantha : I’m in the fifth grade too, and my mother
teaches kindergarten at our school. I also
have a brother in third grade. Our school
is in a rural area with sixty acres of land.
The great part about that is that the campus
adjoins a protected wetlands. That means
our only neighbors will always be nature’s own.

Olivia: I am in first grade, and I have a sister in the
pre-kindergarten four-year-old class. We even
have classes for three-year-olds. In our building
the oldest classes are fifth graders, and for
this project seven of them have partners from
my class.

Ashley: Girls in my fifth grade class outnumber the
boys two to one, but in the fourth grade it is just
the opposite. We wear uniforms - - navy shorts or
slacks with red polo shirts on Monday, Wednesday
or Friday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we wear
our dress uniforms because we have Chapel.

Hannah: Next year, when I’m in sixth grade, I move
to another part of the campus for Middle School.
We change classes this year for science and
math, but in Middle School there are six blocks
of time and several different buildings. Our
school year runs from mid-August through mid-
May, and we divide it into four quarters with grade
reports at the end of each.

Bailey H: I’m in fifth grade, and my sister Connor, who is
in first grade, is on the My School, Your School
team too. We do projects like this one in our
enrichment classes where two different grade
levels form partnerships. Our school is college
preparatory, and altogether there are about
700 students.

Bailey L: In first grade my class has time after lunch to
play on the playground. We have swings, climbing
and swinging bars, beams and ball fields. We have
a covered patio, so we can even play outside when
it rains. It never snows where we live.

Sydney: My fifth grade class just had a field trip to
Kennedy Space Center, which is a two hour bus
ride from our school. All classes take field
trips during the year, and we also have times
when we celebrate off campus, such as the
pool party for students who complete their
summer reading.

Hannah: I’m in first grade, and we are looking forward
to a week off for Spring Break the week after
next. It is beautiful weather here this time of
year, and outside we can smell the orange blossoms.
In the summer it gets very hot, so most of the
tourists come to Florida in the winter.

Samantha: School at All Saints’ Academy is always interesting
In my fifth grade class there are students from
Winter Haven, which is the closest city, but also from
Lakeland, Lake Wales, Bartow, and Auburndale. Buses
go to all of those places to pick up students, but most
people come by car. Some of us stay after school for
clubs, like technology, chess, Mad Science, or dance.

Ms. Stewart: This is an amazing group of eleven young ladies, and
they are working hard to put together a book about
their school. We also look forward to reading books
from other schools and learning about their lives.