Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hawler Secondary school for girls

Our school is a public school, were founded in 1946, (61) years ago for the first time. It was on the Hawler Castile by the name Erbil secondary school for girls. The studies at that time were in Arabic language. In 1949-1950 the school was transported into old house down the Castile. In 1953 it was transported again to another place then in 1969 the authorities built a new building for the school. It is the same building which is in it now.

Nearly 16 headmasters ran this school till now and thousands of students graduated in this school. This is due the ability of its teachers. With the support of the Kurdistan Region Government the school enrolled about 45-50 students in colleges of medicine, pharmacy, and engineering, which is considered one of the top-10s.
From 2000-2006 1300-1500pupils and students Graduated in this school.
All the subjects where studded are in Kurdish language also there are Arabic and English language , the younger students that where be in the first grad in this schools must be on age 12-13 and the older must be 18-19 this school is just for girls.
There are 55 teachers are teach in this school.
The school covers (8000)2meters. It consists of 14 classes and 5 laboratories (Sound, Computer, biology, physics and chemistry) also we have a big hall for calibrations and meetings.