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Nobel Academy Higher Secondary School, Nepal

Introductions from Nepal

I am Bivek Kharel from New Baneshower, Kathmandu, Nepal. I study in class 7 at Nobel Academy Higher Secondary School. I have four family members including myself. My father works in Oxfam GB, a British non-government organization. My mother is a house wife and my sister also studies in grade 3 at Nobel Academy. I love my family too much that I can't say. Now, I will tell about my school Nobel Academy. My School has different blocks. It has many buses. In this school teachers teach well. They love their students. There is Scout from class 7. We will play and enjoy sometime of the periods. We will go to excursion. Our principal's name is Pro.Dr. Jaya Raj Acharya. Nawaraj Baskota is our Academic Coordinator. There is computer lab, library, music class, dance class and other excitement activities. And I love my school very much. Telephone No. 01-6204109 Bye Bye

Anisha Upetri
I read in Nobel Academy. I study in grade 7. My hobbies are to dance sing and collect stickers I like. My aim is to be famous. If I made a movie it would be like Romeo and Juliet. The things I like and don't like are:- I am interested in sports, music, dance, but I am really not interested in maths. The thing that I like about My school are the building which is very much standard for student but it in height that we have to walk long distance and the facilities like library, computer lab, dance, music, out club. The thing that I don’t like is the facilities are more for the children that the big students.

Arpana NeupaneHi,
It's me Arpana Neupane from New Baneshower, Kathmandu, Nepal. I read in Nobel Academy Higher Secondary School. It is very nice school because; it is providing lots of facilities. There are different blocks in Nobel academy like Makalu, Nilgiri, Dhaulagiri, Sagarmatha etc. Teachers are also good, kind and friendly. They teach us in a pleasing way but they give us lots of homework. Nobel Academy is one of the greatest schools which makes your dream come true.

Pravesh Regmi
My name is Pravesh Regmi. I study in class 7 in Nobel Academy School. My school is
Situated in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu I live in Gattahaghar, which is in Bhatapur district. There are 4 members in my family. They are my father, mother, brother and me. My father's name is Pream Regmi, My mother's name is Seema Regmi and my brother's is Prarup Regmi. My school is very nice. I love my school very much. The teachers in my school are very good. My friends are also nice. There is a good environment in my school. The food is hygienic in our canteen. May this project be successful? Good bye...........

Sabina Shah
Hi, I am Sabina Shah. I am 13 years old. I belong to Hindu religion. I am from Ghattekulo of Kathmandu, Nepal. I enjoy drawing; I love outdoor games apart from reading. I study in grade 7 of Nobel Academy School. This is of high quality and very standard school. The teachers make us understand the chapters easily. So, I love my school very much and I hope reading this you would too like it.
Thank - You

Shiraz ShresthaHello! My name is Shiraz Shrestha. I live at New Road, Kathmandu. I study at Nobel Academy in standard 7. My aim is to be an artist and to be a doctor. Now, I will describe about my school. My school is located at New Baneshower, Kathmandu. It is one of the famous schools in Nepal. It was established in the year, A.D.1998. It has many blocks.My school contains boy's hostel and girl's hostel. It also has a canteen. There are about 1500 students in my school and about 120 teachers in My School. There are 4 playgrounds in my school. We all play there. My school has all the necessary items which a good school has. So, I like my school very much

Kaushika Acharya
My name is Kaushika Acharya. I have many hobbies and interests. I am living in New Baneshower, Kathmandu, Nepal. I am in grade seven and studying at Nobel academy. It is also situated in New Baneshower. My School is very wonderful; we do all extra activities apart from reading. Teachers are friendly so are friends too.

Hello, friends I am Sophia. I study in class 7 "N". My School's name is Nobel Academy Higher Secondary School. I love this school. The environment here is fantastic, superb. The teachers are very friendly. No need to be frightened to interact with teachers. The friends are very nice. The words are less to do their description. They are helpful kind. So, if you all come to study here, I guess you wouldn't like to leave. You all are heartily welcomed here

Koushik Sapkota
Hi! I am Koushik Sapkota. I am a part of this your school my school project. I am from Ilam, eastern part of Nepal and now migrated to Kathmandu, Capital city of Nepal. I study in grade 7. I am studying at Nobel Academy. As a lover of cricket and football, I love playing and watching them. Quiet strange, but my best hobby is to laugh. I'd like to be in gastro-physicist. To talk about my school, it is good. Everything is all right. Basically, teachers are helpful but strict. There is a friendly environment treated between us. That's all I can say about my school.
Hoping for success of this project!

Sonika Khanal
I am Sonika Khanal. I study in grade 7"N". My school’s name is "Nobel Academy Higher Secondary School". It is very nice school. The teachers of my school teach well. There are big play grounds in my school. We play lot of games there. I want to read and practice many things in my school and become a doctor. My hobbies are cycling, playing basket ball, and paint and play piano. I stay in Bew bane shower, Katmandu. I like flowers very much. I have many friends in my school. I love to watch tinkling stars at the night. I like to put a dog as a pet in my house. There are altogether 10 members in my family, my grandfather, grandmother, big father, big mother, and two brothers, father, mother me and my sister. We stay together in our house. We share own feelings with each other. We all are like friends. We never quarrel with each other. So, we all are happy. I love my family very much
Shirish Shrestha
My name is Mr Shirish Shrestha. I live in Sankhamul, Kathmandu, Nepal. My hobby is to play cricket, football and basketball. I study in Grade 7 in Nobel Academy higher Secondary School. It is a big School.
There are many buildings and buses in my school. Our principal's name is Prof.Dr. Jaya Raj Acharya. Our coordinator is Mr. Nawaraj Baskota. There are many teachers. All students are getting proper knowledge in my school

My name is Ankit Poudel. My hobbies are to play football and cricket, to read adventurous books. I go to school named Nobel Academy. I'm a seventh grader. There are lots of friendly teachers who teach us how to do our works. I really like the school because the teachers teach how to do things easily. My school has many buildings. There are more than 1500 students in this school. There are 3 computer labs, 1 library and 1 science lab.

Aava Gautam
My name is Aava Gautam. I live in Gongabu, Kathmandu, Nepal. My hobby is to dance and my aim is to be a fashion designer. I like blue colour. I like to play badminton. I study in Grade 7. My school's name is Nobel Academy Higher Secondary School. It is a big and beautiful school. Students are also disciplined here. My favorite subject is science. I like my school because we can learn things in a easy way here.

Muskan Kunwar
My name is Muskan Kunwar. I live in Kathmandu, Nepal. I study in grade 7. My school's name is Nobel Academy. It is one of famous school established in 1998. The education of my school is also wonderful. There are seven blocks and more than 120 teachers in our school. Our teachers teach us well. They treat their students in a friendly way. Our school is like our home and teachers are like father and mother. Our school takes us in different types of games and extra activities. We can do creative works like painting, collecting leaves, dancing etc here. I love and like my school.

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