Monday, November 10, 2008

School 180, Tbilisi, Georgia

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School 180, Tbilisi, Georgia Hello everyone! We are the students of the 10-th grade and we want to introduce ourselves and share the information of our school to each other.
Our school was opened in 1986 on September 1. That year only six girls and one boy left school. At that time our school was prolonged. Students did their homework there, and then had dinner with a great variety of food, not only sent by government, but also growing by themselves in the orchard near the school.
Our school is located in the suburb named "VARKETILI". But in spite of this it distinguishes from other schools with a big amount of students. A few years ago, our school was on the second place according of it.
Today 120 teachers and one head teacher serve 1500 students. The teachers are kind, just and a bit strict. only the students of elementary school wear uniforms.
Our school contains of two buildings and they are counted for about 2000 students. Boys and girls study together.
The popularity of our school is caused by its teaching equipments: a lot of cabinets, well-equipped library, gym and open stadiums outside.
we study 17 main and some additional subjects, which help us to achieve our success.
our school is successful in Inclusive teaching. We’ve print-media "Leaders of the Future", and students` self-management organization.
Every Monday we hoist our national flag and sing national hymn.
We hope you will be interested in description of our school and have a great wish to share your own ideas to us.


nino said...

this is my school,famous with quality of tution and high education level :)

Silvana said...

My name is Ivan,Tomas and Victoria
I´m Ivan 9,Tomas 9 and Victoria 9
My school is c.a.i.
I´m in class 4
My teacher is Andrea
My english teacher is Silvana
My head teacher is Ilda