Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Madre de la Misericordia school.

Our school name is Madre de la Misericordia and it has than name because of the church that give birth. Now, there are about 700 students between boys and girls. The teachers are strict. We have a uniform. It like black shoes, clasic jean, and a white t-shirt. School lessons start at 7 45 am and finish at 12 15 or 1 00 pm. We have lunch at home. We have gymnastic and there, we play some sports. The school have a logo, it is a virgin, and around this, the name of the school. Our favourite things about school are study english and maths.
Our school was founded 65 years ago. The first promotion had 16 students. The school objetives are educated. Our school always help poor people. There are about 70 teachers in the school.

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nino said...

hi,i am nino 16 years old, from georgia. my school is number 180. i liked your school description, i think it is nice, but it would be much more better with school photos, but it's good too. i liked it