Thursday, October 16, 2008

AL-murtaza school from Pakistan

My school name is AL-murtaza school.Its situated in karachi(pakistan).Its a shia-muslim school,therefore the name "Murtaza" is selected to base the school on such priciples which our prestigious leader "murtaza (a.s)" had given. we had a very unique uniform bcz we wear scarf on our head 2 represent a pure islamic & religious heritage.
our school has 4 branches (seperate 4 boyz & girlz).
the school is situated @ the best location in town.
the motto of our school is 2 provide the best education as well as best trainig 4 discipline & manners .the logo of our school is to convey the best 2 all needy as well as the students which can afford.
the teachers here are excellent and helpful.if anyone wants 2 know more about my fantastic & eye-catching school ,plz do ask me ! hopr u enjoyed reading this wonderful extract on my wonderful school !!!

Anum Bhojani

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