Monday, September 11, 2006

Students from Thailand are describing their school

Jirawat Kuramakanok. My School
Here is my school’s name ChalemprakiatsomdetprasrinakarinPhuket School. In Thailand we have many special days such as The King’s birthday celebration and the Queen’s Birthday celebration. In My school have a special uniform. This special uniform we will use for special days. We have another uniform wee call it a Semi-Uniform. This uniform we use every Monday. I think that both of them are good. They make us look smart when we wear them. In addition, this uniform is useful for giving respect to The King and The Royal family.

Akkarachai Sae-Lee. my school
There are many kinds of sports in my school; western sports such as baseball and basketball. For me I like Thai sports, such as Ta-kraw. In the old days Ta-kraw was played in Myanmar. Thailand and Myanmar sometimes are friend; sometimes they are enemies; that’s why Ta-kraw came to Thailand. There are two teams in Ta-kraw. Each team has three people. They must kick the Ta-kraw ball across the net. It’s easy to play Ta-kraw because the players don’t run much; only a few players play; and you need only one referee. It can use the same field as basketball field. When I was a little boy I followed my father to watchhim playing Ta-kraw. So I like Ta-kraw; the most im portent reason is that Ta-kraw is cheap and easily to buy it and play.

Pasakorn Udomniyom. My school
“GO” is the name given to a board game that looks like chess. It came from China about 3500 year ago. Now “GO” is very well known in Thailand. On Sunday 13th August 2006, I went to Wuhan in China. I visited schools, universities and a shopping centre. I am a young “GO” ambassador, because of this, I have to help to make good relationships with other countries through “GO” competitions, in what we call “Go tournament for Chinese around the world.” I’m very proud of myself, because I can make my school very well known because of this activity. I won some games and the person that I beat is not a beginner but, he is the first dan.

Phusin Temmas. My school

In my school there a lot of mangroveforests. It very beautiful. I think it’s beautiful because it has different kinds of plants and animals. For example, crabs , fish , insect ,bird and monkey. We have the way to walk in the mangrove forest. In free we can go to mangrove forest. We have an environment club. We study about protecting the mangrove forest. In this forest we have an animal which we call Mae-Hop. This animal lives only in excellent mangrove forest. If you like mangrove forest you can come to see here.

Piyaphen Prasopnet. My school
My school has a different study program. It’s MLP. (Multi Language Program). This program teaches by use of 3 important languages. There are English, Chinese and Thai. English and Chinese languages are taught by teachers from another country and Thai is taught by Thai teachers. They teach very well. We love them. The MLP. has many activities for example, MLP. relationship etc.
it exciting and lots of fun. All our class rooms have air-conditioning. The MLP. has E-learning. It’s different thing for other school. E-learning is a program to study English or Chinese by using a computer. It’s very good for all students. It makes you practice listening, reading, speaking, writing, and grammar etc. I love my school very much. It’s very good for me. If you need more information about my school you can look at . BYE ^-^

Suksun Chanchawee. My school

“First project of my life” I managed it on last year when I was M.3. I had a project called “Relationship between Junior & Senior” I was project manager of this project. First I met with all staff and all teachers, the topic was “What can we do to make activities fun and contain benefit” We got more ideas from everybody. We began to write a proposal to send to the school director. We changed it many times; at last director signed her name to approve it.
We had it at boat lagoon resort. We had many games for everybody for example Balloon battle, Matrix and singing. When this day is finished all staffs were very impressed.

Wanida Prateep na Talang. My school
My school’s name is ChalermpragiedsomdejPrasrinagarin Phuket school. This name is the name of Princess Mother of Thailand. The Department of Elementary Education established Chalermpragiedsomdej Prasrinagarin school in memory of divining grace of Princess Mother. It has 12 schools in Thailand. I want to tell you about the Princess Mother.
In Thailand the Princess Mother was affectionatelyCalled Somdej Ya. Her formal name and title were Somdej Prasrinakarindra Boromarajajonani. Somdej Ya was born on the 21 October 1900 in thon buri as a commoner. Her given name was Sangwal. By the time she became nine years old , her parents had already died. However before that, she was entered into the service of Princess Valaya Alongkorn. In 1920, Somdej Ya married with Mahidol Adulyadej, Prince of Songkhla, son of king Chulalongkorn. They had three children :
- Galyani Vadhana (born in 1923)
- Ananda Mahidol (born in 1925, later became King, Rama VII)
- Bhumibol Adulyadej (born in 1927, later became King, Rama IX)
Somdej Ya was actively involved with numerous charitable activities . She gave donation to help build school in remote areas. She also set up the Princess Mother's Fund to help support various charitable activities. She passed away on July 18 1995, at the age of 94.

Supadet Themart. My school
My school is called “Chalermprakiat Somdetprasrinakarin Phuket”. It’s located in Phuket town, Phuket, Thailand. There are two dormitories in my school, one is the male-dormitory and other is the female-dormitory. However, all students in my school don’t have to board, they can choose what they want. In addition, most of boarding students live very far from the school such as in another city or another province. It makes students get more “closer” to the school, creates a strong relationship between students and the school. Thus, it will be very easy for my development and character. For me, I’m not a boarding student because I live not very far from the school. Anyway, I really love my school.

Jaruwichit Jarutippayaanta My school
…..Relationship between junior and senior Camp…..
This activity is about to tighten the relationship between junior students and senior students in the Multi Language Program. This year the camp was created by the senior students and of course I was the one who organized the camp too. The camp was on the 22nd July 2006 and the 23rd July 2006. The camp was great, the junior students enjoyed all the activities that we organized. Some activities made them laugh and some activities made them cry because of they had been touched. We believe that after the camp the students would be proud and this camp would be a good experience for every student.

Ahreum Kang. My school
In my school we have sports day on August 1st- 2nd for 3 days. Before sports day we have to practice cheering. On the first day, we have to cheer half a day at school. Second day, we have to cheer all day at school. Third day, we have to cheer at the gym (outside school).
On sports day we have to separate into each color. They have 5 colors: green, blue, pink. purple and yellow. Each color has it’s own Parade to walk from school to the stadium. They have to dress-up for this Parade.
Our school has many sports to choose on sports day such as badminton, valley ball, football, GO, batong and basketball, etc. Basketball is the most popular in my school. So, most of my friends play basketball and they play very well, I think.
I had to cheer my color(green) I was very tired but it was fun when we cheered sportsman they will power-up to play sports and what about your school, Do they have a sports day and what sports do they have.

Tiwat Phungraeng. My school
I study many subjects in my school for example maths, physics, biology, chemistry, geography, English, computer studies and health. My favourite subject is physics, because physics can be applied in daily life. Some teachers come from the University to teaches. In my school we have a biology room, a physics room, chemistry room and in each room there is lots of equipment. In the biology room we have a telescope. In the chemistry room we have many chemical elements. In the physic room we have many theories about physics. I study 8 hours per day and I have 2 hours for sport time. I like to play foot ball in my free time. I’m happy when I’m learning new things.

Kraisit Phakwiwat. My School
My school has a mangrove forest around us, thus we have an Environment Club which has activities on how to solve the problem about the environment. If you like sport we have Table Tennis Club, Go Club (a board game), and we have Computer Club too. My friends tell me this club teaches you how to use computer and the internet. For people who love music we have Thai Music Club and Band Club for public, but they are very loud.


Sofi said...

In the school they have plants and animals: because they have a lot of these.

Ignacio said...

An interesting fact:
"GO" is the name given to a board game that looks like chess. It came from China about 3500 year ago. It’s intresting because it is a sport that I have never played.