Thursday, April 12, 2007

Information about my school.

1- The school started in 2004.
2- The first promotion was in 2004.
3- Silvana, Valeria and Mariela are still at school.
4- The idea of the school is to learn English, through videos, songs and projects
5- No, my school doesn’t help poor people.
6- In my school there are 6 teachers.
7- The founder were Norma and Ana.
8- Because it’s the place where William. Shakespeare was born.
9- The first headmistress was Silvana.
10- Yes, boys and girls go to the school.
11- Yes, the school has always been private.
12- No, the school doesn’t have kindergarten.
13- The first secretary was Julia.
14- The first prefect was Silvia Peralta.
15- Silvana designed the logo of my school.
16- Nobody wears a uniform.

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